Officials have set up a phone number for fans who had audio issues at Garth Brooks' Mercedes-Benz Stadium last week.

Some attendees of the first concert at the brand new stadium complained about the sound quality last Thursday. Some fans in the upper-level concourse reported that they couldn't even tell what song the artist was performing.

Stadium officials acknowledged the negative feedback, but said that no blanket refunds would be issued for the show.

“Our guest relations teams are fielding calls and working with fans on an individual basis, but we are not offering any blanket refunds," said Steve Cannon, CEO of AMB Group, in a conference call on Friday.

Cannon said engineers sound checked the venue before the concert, “but there is a difference between sound checks in an empty building compared to one with more than 70,000 people inside."

On Monday, officials said that anyone who experienced audio issues is asked to call 470-341-5000.

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