MINNEAPOLIS - In a harrowing incident caught on video, Minneapolis police teamed up with bystanders to pull two people out of a burning car on I-94.

A tow truck driver captured the rescue on a cell phone camera, and on Tuesday, Minneapolis police released dash cam video of the incident.

On Wednesday, July 26, a driver swerved off the road and plunged over an overpass on I-94, leaving a man and woman trapped inside the burning car.

"I couldn't immediately tell how to get her out of the vehicle so I ran around to the driver's side rear passenger door," said Officer Krystle Fallon.

That's when she and her partner, Officer Ryan Davis, noticed another person – Floyd Cunningham – was also trapped.

As the car melted, Davis knew seconds mattered.

"When we were pulling them out I had in my head we had about 45 seconds," he said. "You know, just the timer in my head going, to get him out before he would be on fire, or we would be – the car would've exploded. And we got him out before that."

In that short window, they succeeded with the help of some good Samaritans. Two bystanders came to their aid, one cutting the seat belt with the officers' knives.

As they performed CPR on Cunningham, the car exploded.

"I know that any one of my coworkers, anyone in the fourth precinct, anyone with MPD would have done the same thing," Fallon said.

Davis has four-month-old twins.

"I would want someone to do that for me or my daughters if we were in that situation," he said. "Put their life on the line to save my kids and my wife."

The male passenger, Cunningham, didn't survive. On Tuesday, Cunningham's fiancé tearfully thanked the officers for trying to save him.