HAPEVILLE, Ga. – Two young siblings are being praised by police after they courageously alerted them when someone tried to break into their home.

Oscar, 13, and Vivian Lieu, 11, were home alone when someone tried to break into their home. Their parents were in Atlanta and instead of running, they contacted police and helped them catch the suspect.

"She was so scared for her kids that when she called the police -- she speaks multiple languages -- so she was going to her native tongue trying to because she was so scared," said Hapeville Police Officer Josh Nelson.

Because the mother was in Atlanta, she reached dispatchers here. They had to transfer her down to Hapevile.

Hapeville police said the siblings assisted officers in apprehending the suspect because of their quick-thinking and decision making.

"That extra minute or two could've been the difference in that person getting away -- or even in the house and maybe harming them," said Hapeville Police Officer Eric Colleran.

When officers pulled up to the house, they said the burglar was still there.

"Officer Nelson came to the front," Colleran said. "The kids ran out to him and myself and Sgt. Barnes came to an open lot in the rear of the home and he saw us and turned to run back towards the front right into Nelson's view."

Because of their bravery, the siblings walked away unharmed.

The suspect, identified by police as Zachary Hess, was arrested.

"He told me that he was hungry and he wasn’t trying to break in the house," Nelson said. "He was looking for food."

But Hess apparently told another officer that "he found a stray dog and was trying to find its home."

Hess was taken to jail.

Nothing was taken from the home.