COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- Prosecutors said they won't be pursuing several charges remaining against a Cobb County father convicted of murder in the hot car death of his son.

Ross Harris is serving a life sentence after he was found guilty in November of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son Cooper in a hot car to die while he was at work.

In that two-month trial, Harris was found guilty on eight charges, including felony murder and malice murder, but several additional counts levied against him had yet to be tried.

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In paperwork filed in court back in March, those eight charges -- two counts of sexual exploitation of children and six counts of dissemination of harmful materials to minors -- were placed on a "Dead Docket." That essentially means that the district attorney has decided not to pursue those charges because Harris is already in prison for life.

However, prosecutors can re-activate the charges, if Harris' current conviction or sentence is modified.

Those charges, which were filed months after Harris' arrest, stemmed from incidents that occurred before Cooper's death. The indictment says Harris swapped sexually explicit photos with three girls from January to May of 2014 and sent them printed descriptions of various sex acts.

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Harris' attorneys filed for an appeal against the guilty verdict back in January. Harris is serving his sentence at Valdosta State Prison.

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