COVINGTON, Ga. -- Many questions remain in the death of an infant who went from missing to dead over the weekend.

Two-week-old Caliyah McNabb was reported missing from her home over the weekend and within 24 hours investigators found the remains of an infant's body close to the baby girl's home.

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According to officials, the medical examiner could confirm her identity as soon as today but they do not have a timeline on when the full autopsy will be done.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office is waiting for that autopsy before they file any criminal charges.
At this point the father, Chris Mcnabb, is in jail but it is not for his daughter's death. He's being held for a probation violation out of Bartow County.

McNabb has a pretty lengthy criminal history there. This gallery shows several of his mugshots throughout the years.

Deputies in Covington caught up with him at a gas station where police said he came after he tried to make a run for it when word got out his daughter's body had been found under a log in the woods about a quarter mile away from his home.

The clerk inside remembers him coming in and described his behavior as erratic.

"He was just talking about somebody coming in his house and kidnapped his baby. He said y'all are gonna be surprised when you find out who done this. That's what he kept saying last night," she said.

Surveillance video shows him walking around and talking to the people inside the store.

"He just said I didn't do it, I didn't do it, I didn't do it....He started screaming and hollering and acting kind of crazy. As he went to the door to walk out I just picked up the phone and called 911."

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Police were able to catch up with him a short time after that 911 call. Right now, Mcnabb is the only person of interest in the case.

Family members told 11Alive they tried to keep the dad close to them during the search because they were suspicious of his involvement in the disappearance.