It was supposed to be a fun-filled Saturday night where four girls were having a sleepover.

But then, bullets ripped through a Newnan home – sending two of those girls to the hospital.

“I heard a lot of gunshots that woke us up out of bed,” said neighbor Chadise King. “I was like whoa! What was that?”

Other neighbors told 11Alive they also heard the same things.

“I pretty much heard the gunshots," Laron Chunn said. "I pretty much thought it was thundering but it went on for like five or six seconds."

But according to people who live close to the house, those few seconds felt like an eternity.

“We all pretty much crouched down on the floor,” Chunn said.

Police said seven bullet holes hit the outside of a Newnan home on Reynolds Street. Two 11-year-old girls inside the home were caught in the middle. One of the little girls was shot in the cheek, the other one in her thigh. Two other children at the sleepover and one of the victim’s mother was unharmed.

“We were told by the girls that they heard the shots and they were trying to flee, and that's when the two girls were shot,” Newnan Polic's Deputy Chief Mark Cooper said.

Chadise King knows the family who lives at the house. The mother of four told 11Alive's Deb Tuff the act is senseless.

“They didn't expect that, and they don't deserve that," King said. "So whoever did it, just come on forward and turn themselves in."

Cooper is asking the same thing: “We ask you to have a heart, and understand that we want to speak to you,” he said. “We will hopefully track down leads and locate you. And this is the opportunity to come forward and tell us what happened in your own words.”