HALL COUNTY, Ga. -- Authorities in Hall County are on the lookout for a real Scrooge.

According to officials with the Hall County Sheriff's Office, security footage shows a pale apparition at Turner's Market in northern Hall County.

But unlike any ghost of Christmas past, this person was more than able - and willing - to steal a few hundred dollars worth of plants from the plant nursery over the course of three days.

Infrared footage captured the man on those occasions as he worked under the cover of pre-dawn darkness stealing plants like junipers, roses and holly trees. He also stole a few hanging baskets. One of the camera shots clearly shows his face and Hall County was quick to point out the resemblance to the main character from a famous Christmas tale.

They even included a few photos - two of the suspect and two more of his uncanny likeness.

"We're open to the idea that maybe ol' Ebenezer finally got the Christmas spirit and is just trying to change his ways by sprucing up his place a bit with some holiday color in the landscape," the department's social video said. "Naturally, we'd prefer that he go about it in a less felonious manner."

Police don't have a very detailed description outside the more comical - though the thief does appear to be a white male. Right now, it's not clear exactly what he was driving but investigators believe he escaped in an SUV or possibly a pick-up truck with a camper shell. Authorities believe he may have been coming down from White County - or at least from that direction.

And while some of the social media post was a bit of a joke, the crime definitely wasn't. The sheriff's office is asking anyone with information about the crime or the suspect himself to call Investigator Farr at 770-531-6879.

"Maybe we can help clarify how he should properly go about spreading holiday cheer," the department's post read. "But in the interest of full disclosure, we may enlist the assistance of the Hall County Court system."