Thursday starts 10 days of film and music in Downtown Macon.

The Macon Film Festival starts Thursday night and the next weekend rings in Bragg Jam.

Signs are plastered all over downtown Macon with details on what's to come after the start of Macon's Film Festival and Bragg Jam.

Sang's Thai Restaurant owner, Sang Chanram, says they opened this year and they are preparing for the two events.

"I'm actually prepared for the craziness, but we'll do the best of what we can with what we have and I'm ready for it," says Chanram.

According to Julie Wilkerson, the President of the Macon Film Festival Board of Directors, The Film Festival started 12 years ago and expanded to 7 venues.

"We've had people call that are coming from Oklahoma and our filmmakers are from Georgia," says Wilkerson.

The two festivals bring in around 10,000 people downtown.

"We know that people are spending the night in hotels, and we know that they are eating out at the restaurants,” says Wilkerson. “Owners here say we've hired extra staff for this week because we know it's festival week."

The Fulldome film screening is scheduled at the Museum of Arts and Science on Forsyth Road in Macon, the doors open at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday.