A 102-year-old St. Louis woman was 'arrested' over the weekend - but she was happy to be in handcuffs.

When a St. Louis Metropolitan Police car pulled up to the 102-year-old Edie Simms, an officer placed her in handcuffs and took her for a ride in his cruiser.

Simms, a frequent visitor to the Five Star Senior Center in South St. Louis, has sewed multiple things for the senior center, including scarves and blankets.

On Friday, she was on her way to deliver another batch of homemade gifts.

She also had 'being arrested' on her bucket list.

City officers who are often involved with activities at the Five Star Senior Center wanted to give back to the woman who helps so many.

Even if it was just one ride in a police cruiser, the first of her life, Simms left feeling happy she knocked off another item off her bucket list.