A $105 million development is coming to Peach County with 200 jobs. That is according to the Peach County Development Authority.

Wendy Barton drives west on Highway 96 to get to work, and on her commute, Barton passes several fields, but that view could soon change.

“I know they're going to be located between us and I-75, so we're going to have great growth potential,” says Barton.

Barton says she was thrilled to hear about a new development coming just down the road from where she works.

“It's very exciting for Peach County. We have always seen the potential here, but now, this is just more reason for people to come visit Peach County, learn more about agriculture,” says Barton.

Monday, a Canadian company, Pure Flavor, announced they are building a hydroponic greenhouse complex just down the road from Lane Southern Orchard.

The chief marketing officer of Pure Flavor, Chris Veillon, says the hydroponic facility allows them to control weather conditions inside to help keep crops alive.

“Being able to control 100% of the process allows us to insure a consistently-flavored crop,” says Veillon.

Peach County's development director, BJ Walker, says this project could bring more than just delicious crops to the area.

“You’re looking at the investment from this project. You know over $100 million over the next five years. It has the potential to bring in over $500,000 a year,” says Walker.

If you are interested in learning more about the greenhouse or applying for a job, click this link.