In February, Chief Meteorologist Ben Jones shared the story of how one little girl in Central Georgia overcame her fear of severe weather.

Thursday night, Weekend Meteorologist Matt Daniel, and Ben helped many other children tackle that same fear, by holding a weather awareness class in our WMAZ studio.

"Part of what we're going to do today is talk about how these storms form and what makes them, but also, your chances of ever being in something like that are very, very, very small," said Ben.

It seemed that the thing kids were most scared of were tornadoes.

So Matt and Ben explained to the room full of kids how rarely tornadoes form, using some household items and a few analogies.

"They showed me an example of how to make a cake. You have to have a lot of ingredients. To make a tornado or anything, you also have to have a lot of ingredients and they have to be just right," says 9-year-old Aiden Ham.

After some safety tips and a Q&A session, the students gained a new perspective on storms.

"Our area leads the entire United States for tornadoes. Now did any of them come to your house?" Ben asked the kids.

9-year-old Phoenix James says the next time she sees a storm, she'll know not to panic.

"I learned that tornadoes are very rare, and I learned that hail has a certain process that it goes through," says Phoenix.

Aiden says he's glad his mom signed him up for the class.

"I think this was a very fun experience and I got to do some awesome things," says Aiden.