Authorities said at least 15 people had died in Georgia, and another 88 people were hurt from the weekend's storms.

National Weather Service survey teams are continuing to investigate areas devastated by storms over the weekend to determine the extent of tornado damage. Additional storm reports are expected later in the day on Tuesday.

Weather Service surveyors on Monday said the storm that had plowed through Dougherty County was of at least EF-2 intensity, but they were still investigating damage in that area as well as other counties that were hit, and would have updated information later in the day on Tuesday.

VIDEO | Damage around Albany following deadly tornadoes

GEMA and other state agencies are working with local and county agencies to help with search and rescue efforts across the areas affected by the storms.

Initial reports indicated that authorities in Albany were searching for a missing 4-year-old child, but Dougherty County Police later updated media, indicating that a 2-year-old boy was missing. Search teams continued to search for that boy on Tuesday.

A total of four people were reported dead in Dougherty County, including two people that died in separate mobile homes in a mobile home park on Holly Drive. Seven people were killed in the Cook County city of Adel.

An elderly couple died in Berrien County when an oak tree fell on their bedroom, where they were sleeping.

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Storm damage around Albany, Ga. following deadly tornadoes that touched down in the area Sunday.