Many people have that one teacher who made a huge impact on their life.

At Northeast High School in Macon, more than a dozen teachers can truly relate to their students since they walked the same halls long before earning their education degrees.

Justin McDuffie caught up with a couple of teachers who never really left their alma mater.

Jared Moore expects a lot from his English students.

“When you have people in place who are passionate about success no matter where you teach at; the students are going to be successful,” said Moore.

He knows what it's like to walk in his student's shoes because he sat in their chairs 10 years ago.

“I had a dynamic teacher by the name of Irma Stevens and she really impacted me. She really supported me when I was in college,” said Moore.

Now he's back in the classroom inspiring young minds.

“I promised the Lord that if he ever led me back in this direction [that] I would do everything in my power to see this school grow into what I know it's capable of being,” said Moore.

He kept the promise for students like Destiny Causey.

“He's done the same thing we done and he knows some of the stuff we go through,” said Causey.

But Moore isn't the only Raider who returned home. This year, 17 other teachers in Northeast classrooms are also alums like Latonya Singleton.

“I was raised in this community. I went to school here. I grew up here in this east Macon community, so to give back what I've got is a great thing,” said Singleton.

She hopes to be a living example of what's possible.

“They can see that they can take the necessary steps to be successful, either college or career ready, once they leave Northeast regardless of what people say about Northeast,” said Singleton.

That example inspired Destiny to see what's possible.

“[I want to] become a professional softball player and make my mom proud and get my family out the hood,” said Causey.

The Bibb County Board of Education plans to break ground on a new Northeast High building in the summer.

Moore and Singleton hope that will bring even more alumni teachers back to Northeast.