It all started in January, when tornadoes brought devastation to Albany, and of course, Central Georgia.

It was a nightmare for some that didn't end when the sun came up.

The outbreak lasted two days, starting January 21 and ending January 22.

17 counties saw one or more tornadoes, three of those recorded were EF-2, 12 were EF-1, and eight were EF-0.

The outbreak also broke records. 41 tornadoes touched down in Georgia in two days, beating the old record of 25.

Then, of course, there was the late freeze which gave the cold shoulder to crops here in central Georgia like the blueberry and the peach crop.

March 15 and 16 recorded low temperatures in the upper 20s, leaving farmers without fruit.

Lane's Employee Maleah Flournoy says the weather put up a good fight.

"The peaches we did have; it just froze the bloom off. It was just kind of a double whammy,” said Flournoy.

Farmer Robert Dickey said 75 percent of his peaches were wiped out.

State Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black says of all the crops damaged, blueberries were the hardest hit.

In April, more tornadoes with 13 tracks on April 3 and three confirmed on the April 5.

Fast forward a few months to when Tropical Storm Irma tore through the state leaving roads impassable.

Trees were knocked down, power lines left lying on the ground, and thousands left in the dark.

Now, we end 2017 cold and quiet as we wait to see what 2018 has in store.