This Saturday, you can pump the brakes and pull on into Jarrell Plantation in Juliette for their second annual Antique Engine Day.

Nicole Butler met with a member of the Jarrell family to see the antiques that will be showcased this weekend.  

The Jarrell family owned the cotton plantation for more than 140 years, and Saturday, they will bring some more history to the site with antique engines on display, some coming straight from their family. 

Owner, Dick Jarrell's grandson Philip Haynes inherited the family's 1949 Plymouth almost 30 years ago.

"He always wanted the best if he could afford it and at his level of economic standing. This was the best he could afford," Haynes says of his grandfather.

Haynes says his grandfather got the car brand with all of the upgrades.

"That today is standard equipment like windshield wipers, like a heater. All those were options they didn't come standard," he says.

He says his grandfather was never a wealthy man but was always looking for the latest, labor-saving equipment. 

The car show will also be showcasing antique tractors. The Jarrell family tells me that their grandfather's 1942 Alice Chalmers tractor helped revolutionize the way their family farmed.

Haynes says riding on the tractor was a highlight of visiting the plantation when he was a child.

"My brother and I and my cousins would ride on these fenders with him to the field and that was a big time event. Of course, once we got there, we were bored to death because we had to sit there while he worked for hours on end, but the ride back was always nice, too,"  Haynes says.

Haynes says looking at these antiques reminds him how hard his grandfather worked, and he's excited to share them with the public.

Admission is $4 for kids, $6 for seniors, and $6.50 for adults.

The state park is located on Jarrell Plantation Road in Jones County.