If you take Highway 247 between Macon and Warner Robins, your drive could soon look very different.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is planning to install a 3-leg roundabout at the intersection of Pio Nono, Houston Road, Houston Avenue, and Broadway.

GDOT says their plan would make cars turn off of Houston Avenue onto Broadway to enter the roundabout.

Cole Temples says he drives through the seven bridges intersection every day for work.

“It goes from two lanes to three lanes, and so people are switching lanes all the time right there, and it’s a really sharp turn. People are going through it really fast, so it can be really hectic,” says Temples.

He says he is on board with GDOT turning the intersection into a 3-leg roundabout.

“It may keep it from the stop-and-go so much and kind of keep a consistent flow of traffic and probably keep more cars from going head-to-head with each other,” says Temples.

But Tyler Peek from GDOT says the roundabout could help more than just traffic flow.

“Some of what prompted the study in 2016 there had been fatalities and some involved pedestrians,” says Peek.

Peek says one of their main goals is to make the area safer for pedestrians by adding sidewalks and flashing beacons.

“They’re already slowing down because they’re approaching the roundabout, but it raises further awareness that there’s something else there and that’s the pedestrian and they’re about to cross,” says Peek.

Temples says it could really help the area and make the intersection safer.

“I’ve definitely seen pedestrians crossing the road, and it’s definitely a little scary for that. I wouldn’t cross there,” says Temples.

The state is asking the commissioners to sign a letter of support for the project. Commissioners are scheduled to vote on that letter at Tuesdays commission meeting.

The department of transportation says they plan to have the preliminary design complete around spring of 2018.