The New Year is almost here and for many that means it's time to get those new year's resolutions into gear.

According to financial news and commentary site 24/7 Wall St., some of the most common resolutions involve eating better and getting fit.

"My resolution is to get even healthier and stronger so that I can make sure that I'm there for my little girl," said Maggie Meyers.

"I just wanna get ripped," said Brandon Bryent.

"(I'm) watching what I eat," said Christine Hollingsworth. "I'm not eating very well at all right now."

Great goals, but following through on them can seem pretty tough.

"It's easy to get down," said Coliseum Medical Center therapist Bruce Conn. "But if you set a goal you can believe in it's, then it's a good thing to pull you forward."

According to Conn, just five steps can make it a lot easier to stay on track.

The first, he says, is starting small.

"Baby steps add up to running later on," he said.

Putting pen to paper isn't a bad idea either.

"Write it down," said the therapist. "If you're not gonna write it down, you're not gonna do it."

He says it's important to keep track of your progress too.

"Document. Document what you're thinking about," said Conn.

Having someone to train with helps keep you accountable.

The mindset becomes, "I need to show up for them," said Conn.

And if your schedule is tight, get creative in finding ways to work towards your goal.

"Do some lunges at work...find a little place where you can do a little yoga or even meditation," said Conn.

It's all about the little steps that can add up to some big personal changes.