Six teenagers were charged after they allegedly fired shots into a Wrightsville home, then led police on a chase into East Dublin.

Wrightsville police say the suspects are three 17-year-olds, a 16-year-old and two 15-year-olds.

Police say they also seized three firearms in the case – one of which was stolen.

The shooting happened around 7 p.m. Tuesday at a home on Martin Luther King Drive in Wrightsville.

A Johnson County deputy saw the teens' car on Highway 319 and tried to stop it near the Johnson-Laurens county line.

But the driver refused to stop, police said, and when they arrived in East Dublin, the car stopped and five teens ran out.

The driver, Jahmya Linder of Dudley, was arrested on the scene.

Two others, Dontavius Sailem and Jaswain Bell, both of Dublin, were arrested a short time later.

Also arrested were three unnamed younger teens from Dublin.

The incident report says the shooting seems to be a result of several altercations between Linder and another woman from Wrightsville.

One neighbor says she was just feet away watching her children play outside.

"First I thought maybe it was some fire crackers. But then when I realized it was gunshots. So I just grabbed my kids and ran in the house. I said we just gonna lay on the floor for a little while," recalls Shambricka Darrisaw.

She says she saw the teenagers shooting from her home to a house across the street. Darrisaw says her first thought was about her children's safety. She says she was surprised that the suspects were so young.

"The thing that came into my mind was what if it would've hit one of my children? We never would've done anything like this when I was a kid. We climbed trees and jumped on trampolines. We didn't carry weapons and stuff," says Darrisaw.

Three firearms were also recovered from the car the teenagers were in, one of which was reported stolen from Dublin.

"That just goes to show you that the majority of these are illegal firearms that are on the street. If it's juveniles possessing them there's a high likely hood it was involved in a burglary at some point in time," says Chief Price.

Though the suspects have been caught people in the neighborhood say the are on high alert. Darrisaw says so is her four-year-old.

"I said it's okay they done locked them up now. He said okay they locked up? He said okay but what if they get out and come back? I said they ain't gonna come back no more okay? He said okay,” remembers Darrisaw.

All suspects were charged with: 14 counts of aggravated assault, 3 counts of felony child endangerment, 1 count of possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, 1 count of theft by receiving, 1 count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and 2 counts of felony damage to property.

Wrightsville Chief Aaron Price urged parents to "take a more active role with our children" and to reach out to other parents if they see kids acting out destructive behavior.