Saturday morning, nearly 600 guns will be on sale in south Macon. All of them were confiscated by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office over the last year.

On a hot October day at T. Lynn Davis Auction Company, customers searched through piles and piles of guns.

Owner Jim Davis says Saturday, customers can bid on these firearms at his annual gun auction.

It looks like a pretty wide variety, and that’s because it is, with almost 600 guns to choose from.

“The 500 numbers are from Bibb County. The 1,500 numbers are from the task force of Oconee," says Davis.

Davis says every gun here was confiscated by a local law enforcement agency.

State code used to require confiscated firearms to be destroyed, but now the law requires them to be sold at public auctions.

“Oconee Task Force gets their money back, Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Department gets their money back, and Bibb County Sheriff's Department gets their money back," says Davis.

In August, WMAZ asked Bibb County Sheriff’s Office how much money they made from the firearm auction in 2016.

According to Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez, that number was close to $87,000.

“The money goes back into the Bibb County Sheriff’s confiscation fund, which is used for investigative equipment, training equipment, and for our K9s,” says Colonel Aubrey Evins with BSO.

There’s shotguns, handguns, even pink guns up for sale. Not to mention Davis says there’s also about 200 more guns up for sale than last year.

But not just anyone can walk out of here with a gun in their holster.

“You have to have a Georgia carry permit or a federal firearms license or you can’t participate in the sale, it’s just not going to happen," says Davis.

Davis says some customers have complained in the past that they need to have a “carry license to bid on a gun, but he says that’s the only way to ensure the firearm is going to someone legally qualified to have it.

The gun auction starts Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at T. Lynn Davis off Broadway.