FORSYTH, Ga. – Police responded to a county hospital after first-responders reported an unresponsive 8-month-old boy with bruising. He was declared dead moments later and his parents were charged with his murder.

Police arrested Sanchez Dyron Ussery Sr., 25, and Latorrica Allen, 23, for the murder of their son, Sanchez Dyron Ussery Jr.

According to the police incident report, Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Kemeyan Colvard responded to the Monroe County Hospital emergency room for an 8-month-old who was unresponsive on Thursday, Aug. 10 at 12:30 a.m.

Along an unpaved, country road in rural Forsyth, Ga., the mobile home where Allen and Ussery Sr., lived with their three children, sits quiet Monday—and neighbors aren’t sure what to do about it, other than pray.

“You know, I can pray for the family. That’s the best thing I can do and pray that the best thing comes out for them,” said Jason Hargrow, who met Ussery Sr., through church five years earlier.

It’s still hard for him to believe that their home was the scene of an alleged murder just a few days ago.

“My initial reaction was, not Sanchez. I don't think he's that kind of a person,” Hargrow said.

But, sometime after midnight, EMS responded to a 911 call for a child not breathing.

After transporting the infant to the hospital, paramedics witnessed bruising on the infant’s stomach and chest at the hospital, according to the incident report. While medical staff attempted to revive the child, who also had multiple broken ribs and severe cuts to his liver, they did not succeed.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“There was bruising on, obviously, the chest, the ribs have been cracked, you will see in the arrest warrants there was also damage to the child's rear and liver,” Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Lawson Bittick said.

Colvard spoke with Ussery Sr., about what occurred in their home prior to calling 911.

Per the report, Ussery, Sr., told the officer, that he put the baby in his crib at about 10 p.m., and woke up sometime after 12 a.m., to check on him. That’s when, he said, he noticed that his son wasn’t breathing, so he attempted CPR. Allen told police that she arrived home from work sometime after 12 a.m., and Ussery Jr., was already unresponsive.

“It absolutely could appear that this was based on a parent trying to save their child with CPR, broken, rib, and so forth. But, based on the commentary of the autopsy, of the GBI and the interviews performed by the investigators they were able to establish enough probable cause,” Bittick said.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office charged Ussery Sr., and Allen with felony murder and cruelty to children in the first degree on Friday, Aug. 11.

“You don’t like seeing helpless children get hurt,” Bittick said of Ussery Jr.’s fatal injuries.

His parents are being held at Monroe County Detention Center without bond.

Neither Ussery Sr., or Allen have a record in that county, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, prior to this arrest.

Their other two children are with DFCS, awaiting a hearing to establish custody, Bittick said.