More than a thousand people were at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry for the 8th District Republican Party’s annual fish fry.

Nicole Butler talked to some political leaders in the state about their stance on how President Donald J. Trump is doing since taking office a little over seven months ago.

Senator David Perdue took the stage at the fish fry and spoke about Trump's impact on the nation.

Perdue also spoke about the similarities he sees between Trump and former Presidents.

“This president is nobody’s choir boy, but neither was Winston Churchill, or Eisenhower, or even Roosevelt, but he's a man I think is right for our time to change the direction of our country,” said Perdue.

Georgia state Senator Hunter Hill says the he's proud of Trump's leadership skills.

“The culture of leadership and winning has been great for our country when you talk about illegal immigration. It's gone down since he's been in office. He's had a number of victories but we've got to keep moving,” said Hill.

Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp says one victory in particular will make a huge impact on Trump's legacy – the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle says he believes we need to focus on the victories and continue to make America great again.

“I think when we look forward…what we're going to see is issues that are really impacting our country and those are certainly centered around being over-taxed and overregulated and over-leveraged as well,” said Cagle.

Many of the leaders Butler spoke to said President Trump isn't perfect, but nobody is and it's important to come together as a nation and keep looking forward to the future.