One man, now 90, got up at about 6:00 Thursday morning and headed off to work.

Most guys his age are playing golf, cards, or carousing with the grandkids, but Ralph Avery says he just loves to run his business.

He spends many mornings making sure his shop is tidy.

"He don't like paper on the floor or junk," said General Manager of the shop, C.J. Croy. "He is one man that likes cleanliness."

Croy added that Avery also loves coming to work. He says he thinks it keeps him going.

The Korean War vet began Avery Construction close to 40 years ago in 1978.

Since then, the company has prided itself on making steel products that support the kaolin industry.

"That's what we work for is good quality to start with," Avery mentioned.

Apparently, he is a stickler for the details. He is also relentless with his own schedule.

Every morning, he pulls into work before 7:00 a.m.

“Quite often, I've got some little things I need to get done,” he said about getting in early. “At 88, I started slowing down a good bit.”

He says he started slowing down two years ago because of knee problems.

Avery is 90 and can't imagine the word retirement.

He says that's because he "got used to working."

"We did a big tower that was probably 100 feet in the air, and then daddy set a tank on top of the tower with a crane," he added. "And he did that when he was probably in his 80's."

Gloria Smith is Avery's 63-year-old daughter, and she says her family values a 9-to-5 style of life.

"What would we do if we didn't work?" she asked. "What would we do?"

"I don't know; I'm lost on the weekend. Constantly, we talk about business, We go out to eat in Macon every Sunday at different restaurants; we talk about business."

The senior citizen is happy to have his plate full, and the bright spot in his Golden Years revolves around steel, his guys and a love of the job.