Wednesday morning, two people were shot in the parking lot outside Club Status on Pio Nono during a fight. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says that isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

According to Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez, a man was shot and killed there in 2015, also after a fight.

“The security inside the club made everybody leave the inside to the outside. At some point outside, one of the people was shot,” Gonzalez said.

He says a 20-year-old man died. Then Gonzalez says in 2016, another person fired a gun inside his car that was in the parking lot of the club, but no one was hurt. The man was arrested for firing the weapon. Gonzalez says the majority of calls to Club Status and most clubs are for fights.

“It's crowded in there,” Gonzalez said. “You’ve got alcohol mixed into the situation, so there’s going to be instances where somebody might bump into someone, or step on somebody’s foot or say something wrong to somebody, and it’s going to lead to words.”

Gonzalez says clubs are responsible for their own security, but he says people attending them can help themselves stay safe.

“Let them know what’s going on so they can be aware of it, so they can try and step in to defuse the situation before it comes to an issue where it becomes physical or guns become involved,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says that off-duty deputies have worked at Club Status in the past, but none were there Wednesday morning.