The holidays are wonderful. Family, friends, and good food define this part of the year.

But one thing that's not so great? Holiday grocery shopping -- and trying to stay under budget while doing it.

The stress of putting it all together can leave some feeling busy.

"Busy is a little bit of an understatement during the holiday season," says Food Depot co-manager Terris Nunn.

In fairness, he's probably right about that.

But according to a new report from a lobbying group known as the Farm Bureau, staying under budget while preparing those big holiday meals might be one thing you don't have to worry about.The report says you can make a Thanksgiving feast for 10 for just $49.12.

Nunn says "it sounds very doable."

To be safe, though, we tested it out ourselves by trying to purchase all 11 ingredients on the report's list for less than $49.12 at the Food Depot.

The supermarket had a turkey priced at 45 cents per pound, and the stuffing and most other ingredients were similarly inexpensive. But when you're feeding ten people, even when you're being frugal, things start to add up.

When the final ingredient was rung up, my bill came in at $75.35 before taxes.

It didn't include adult beverages either.