In honor of National Hot Dog day, we set out to get the scoop on one of Macon's oldest restaurants.

Nu-Way Weiners opened in downtown Macon in 1916.

The first Nu-Way Weiners was actually a small hot dog stand and not a restaurant, according to Christy Tipton.

She says that's where the restaurant's current logo of a boy and a dog originated. "The dog used to come around and they used to give him hot dogs," Tipton said.

The restaurant is also unique for the red color of their hot dogs, which Tipton says is simply the restaurant's trade mark. The restaurant specializes in hot dogs that come with a variety of fixings ranging from chili to cole slaw.

Nayon Ingram is a cook at the restaurant and says they even serve hot dogs for breakfast. "I start cooking hot dogs at 6:00 in the morning," he said.

Nu-Way Weiners didn't have any special deals for National Hot Dog day, but here is a list of restaurants who do: "Find freebies, deals on dogs."