The trial for the man accused of shooting and killing a Monroe County Deputy and wounding another is expected to begin Monday.

Christopher Calmer and his defense have spent the last two years preparing for his trial that included some unusual motion hearings.

On September 13, 2014, Monroe County deputies Michael Norris and Jeff Wilson were called to a home on Haley Lane in Bolingbroke owned by Calmer’s parents.

Calmer allegedly shot and killed Norris, and wounded Wilson.

Calmer was charged with his murder and for the last two years, he’s had several hearings before Judge Tommy Wilson.

Perhaps the most unusual happened in May 2016 where he was carried out of the court room on a stretcher. He returned hours later and was allowed to sit in a recliner.

Wilson kept the case moving forward while Calmer sat moaning in pain.

“I have gone and gotten an expert to get up here and testify that he’s able to proceed,” Wilson said. “I see someone that is trying to disrupt the court intentionally.”

Then in August, a jury found him competent to stand trial.

In March 2017, Calmer's lawyer claimed that he attempted suicide while being held in the Crisp County jail and requested another competency hearing.

At a hearing in April, District Attorney Jonathan Adams said the competency hearing request was something the judge already handled.

“A lot of the defense’s tactics seems to be delay,” Adams said. “They’re doing motions over and over again.”

Then in May, Judge Wilson heard testimony from both a defense competency expert and a state competency expert who found Calmer was still competent to stand trial.

Final jury selections were carried out last week.

If found guilty, Calmer could receive the death penalty.