Al Tillman says he expected criticism as a Bibb Commissioner, but he says he never thought his family would get backlash.

He says that is why he announced last Saturday that he was resigning from his role. However, he says he found out that it would cost Bibb County $60,000 to hold a special election. Now he says he is committed again to his job as District 9 commissioner.

Tillman says he plans to go forward by recommitting to projects that he supports.

“We get trained by professionals, ACCG, GMA, but they don’t often train you on how to deal with the criticism the family receives. The child, the wife, the mom, the son, and those sometimes are the most difficult and hard things. They didn’t sign up for this, I did,” says Tillman.

We asked Tillman if he plans to run again next term. He says for now, he is taking it day by day.