80-year-old James Purser has been in the car business for almost 60 years and he is finally retiring.

Nicole Butler met up with Purser to talk about how he plans to go out with a bang!

James Purser started up Purser Truck Sales in his early 20s saying this was the only job for him.

"Soon as I could drive, I knew that is what I wanted to do," Purser says.

Purser says he started off with only three cars and driveway, growing his business to more than 300 cars on his seven-acre lot.

"I just thought, you know, if I can sell 10 cars in a month and I could make a living doing it, I was happy doing it," Purser says.

He says he enjoyed challenging himself to be the best salesman possible.

"I bought 100 vans one time at once and I said, 'Lord, I won't never sell all these things,' and you know, in about three months, they were all gone," Purser says.

Purser says the key to being a good car salesman is to treat your customers like family and they will continue to come back time and time again.

His 60-year era of selling cars has come to an end, but he's going out with a bang.

Purser will sell all 227 vehicles at Purser Truck Sales to the highest bidder during Saturday's auction.

They're selling everything from a fully-restored '72 Monte Carlo, all the way to cars that don't even run, but are still good for the parts. They say all the cars you see must go.

Purser says after all these years of dedicating his life to the company, letting it go won't be easy.

"Because it's kind of like a family member. I don't really know how to put it in words, but there will be a big empty spot when it's gone, I can tell you that," Purser says.

Purser has 95 cars that are ready to drive off the lot. He says the other 125 need a little love and care or can be used for parts.

Bidding starts Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at T. Lynn Davis Realty and Auction 4459 Broadway in Macon.