A Duluth company plans to have people floating down the Ocmulgee River in Macon by Memorial Day.

Last August, the Bibb County Board of Commissioners awarded a contract to Allsouth Tubing to run their business out of Amerson River Park. Some people in town were unhappy that the company passed over a local company.

Tuesday, Allsouth Operator, Junior Cochling said there is a lot of activity going on this week at their construction site as they prepare to install plumbing and electricity. According to Cochling, their new building will have a sales counter and storage unit for their tubes, a patio and a sand pit.

When they open this month, Cochling says they will have tubes and "hybrid kayaks" available to rent and they hope to have more items available in the future.

“We will have the tubes. We will have a hybrid, which is a kayak/paddleboard hybrid. We will be offering those immediately. We've talked about many other opportunities as far as paddle boats and what not. We will have a bike service that will be getting up and started. There's also paddleboard yoga that someone wants to teach, so we have a lot of opportunities,” says Cochling.

He says they hope to become a "year round" operation, perhaps selling Christmas trees or setting up ice skating in Amerson River Park during the winter.