As people sit for their favorite sip, they scroll through their smart phones on Amazon,

Tuesday was Prime Day, a 30-hour span of Amazon deals that change every few minutes.

People, like Jacklyn White, were excited to save extra money on an everyday page click.

"I shop Amazon Prime probably every day, if not every other day and umm i find that the pricing is always great, but any time I can save a little extra money is a great day."

It's a great day for others to search for something from their childhood. Joe Tirello was on the hunt for a piece of the past.

"I'm looking for a vintage Technics turntables, 1970s-kinda era to pair well with the '60s receiver that I found the other day here in downtown that I wasn't even looking for so I can rediscover all of my vinyl."

This day serves as a day to save a little bit extra money on the things you buy like dresses to shirts. You need toothpaste? That's probably on sale, too, and you cant forget those electronics, but for some, it's a day to buy something a little bit stranger.

"I know the strangest thing I've bought are worms," White said, "I had 200 worms delivered for a science project that I bought through Amazon Prime."

In order to take advantage of the deals, you must be a Prime member. The deals end at 3 a.m Wednesday morning.