Americus first responders grabbed some lemonade from a pint-sized businessman to show support for those fighting Breast Cancer.

Ayden Mercer Battle is six years old and started his own lemonade stand called Ayden J’s Juice last year, outside of Mercer Beauty and Barbershop.

Rather than keeping the cash in a piggy bank, he decided to donate those earnings to a good cause.

At first, he gave to the local food bank. Recently, though, his mother, Latoya Mercer, said he learned about how cancer can make people very sick.

That gave Ayden an idea.

He decided to turn his lemonade pink for the month of October to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer.

That sweet move did not go unnoticed. He received an overwhelming amount of community support.

A crowd of first responders paraded down the street with lights flashing and sirens blaring to park right in front of Ayden J’s Juice.

Some of those customers were from Americus Fire and Emergency Services, the Americus Police Department, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, and even Mayor Barry Blount.

Firefighters gave Ayden a bright pink T-shirt to match the ones they were wearing, and the Sheriff’s Office honored him with a pin and some other goodies.

Stevie Lowery was one of those firefighters who stopped by for a refreshing glass.

“I had a great time helping this little man,” he said.

Ayden, the accommodating entrepreneur, offers both regular and sugar-free lemonade.

Latoya said her son started his little business, not for money, but to make people smile.

Appropriately, his business slogan is “Ayden J’s Juice: May cause joy!”