Christmas morning was off to a great start for many at the 22nd Annual Anita Ponder and Friends Holiday Feast.

Gabrielle Dawkins spoke to a few parents who say Christmas would not have been the same without this event.

Mother of six, China Dixon, says this is her first time coming to this event.

"I enjoyed every bit of this. My kids are happy… they have bags full of gifts," said Dixon.

Volunteers handed out free food, clothing, barbers provided haircuts, and kids walked away with toys.

"It is a very, very friendly loving atmosphere. Everyone in there had a smile on their face, crowds of people dancing, laughing, eating [and] having a good time," said Dixon.

The fun started at 11 a.m. Monday and lasted until 3 p.m. at Macon's Terminal Station.

Ponder says this all started two decades ago when her mother made extra food that was then handed out to people in need.

"We deliver meals to the senior homes. We deliver meals to people who call in who are sick and shut in and so it's not just the four corners of the Terminal Station… it's also what we do outside of the walls," said Ponder.

Last year, they fed more than 1,000 people and Anita Ponder says it wouldn't be possible without the volunteers.

"The people volunteering with me 22 years ago were kids and now they're here with their kids and so when you say it's the gift that keeps on giving, it really is people helping people," said Ponder.

If you would like to volunteer for next year's event, you can call (478) 737-8930.