The violence that sparked over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia has others across the country fighting back against hate.

One group in Milledgeville is holding a rally of their own.

Tuesday night at 7 p.m. on the front campus of Georgia College, the Milledgeville Stands Against Hate Rally will take place.

The rally is not associated with the university, but the Middle Georgia Progressive Women will be holding the rally on the campus’ free speech zone.

According to their event page on Facebook, more than 80 people have already said they’re planning to attend.

One of the rally coordinators, Erin Weston, says this event is an opportunity for the community to come together in unity against hate.

“It’s about letting people know that there are hundreds of people in our community who are going to love and support everyone around us and that we’re not going to be another one of those areas that lets those sort of hateful things happen,” said Westin.

Georgia College campus police say they are aware of the rally Tuesday night and they will be monitoring it.