Fort Valley State University alumni are organizing a walkathon this month to honor Donnell Phelps.

Nearly a year after Donnell Phelps was stabbed trying to help others, his university is honoring him with a scholarship in his name that will help even more.

Another spring on the Fort Valley State University campus marks almost a year since Donnell Phelps was killed.

Phelps was a freshman Agriculture Engineering Technology student from Marshallville.

He was fatally stabbed last May while trying to help three women who were being assaulted by a campus intruder.

Alumni Association President LouAnn Gross said now they're going to honor him.

“We never forget about another wildcat, and that wildcat was a special wildcat because he was willing to give his life,” Gross told WMAZ over the phone.

On April 22nd, the University will host the Walkathon for Courage at the stadium. The proceeds will go towards a scholarship in Phelps name.

Cleveland Ivey, a student volunteer for the event, said his friend Phelps left an impact.

“He was real positive and everything you know, never- I never experienced him coming up to me with a negative attitude. He was always on the go doing this and that and all those things. He was a real good guy,” Ivey said at the stadium on Tuesday.

The Alumni Association said the scholarship will honor Phelps' memory and hopefully go to a future student with similar values.

So far, Gross said they've already raised roughly $10,000 enough to meet the endowment.

And for Ivey, it's a great way to remember his friend he met at a summer program in 2014.

“When you remember someone it doesn't just stop at the funeral; it doesn't just stop at the burial or what may have you. It doesn't just stop at sending family flowers, it doesn't just stop with sending them cards and condolences. You should remember them every day,” Ivey said.

Entrance to the Walkathon will cost $15 on April 22nd. The event goes from 8:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.

For more details or to donate you can call organizers at (678) 895-4906 or (478) 952-0837.

The event will be held concurrently with a walk to raise money for scholarships for female athletes. You can decide which cause your $15 goes to at the gate.