A Central Georgia man created a massive lights display at 1307 Iris Lowery loop in Cadwell, which is located in Laurens County.

57-year-old William Colson and his son have been putting up the display for the last five years, which includes several inflatables and thousands of lights.

Colson's family says he was going to shut it down this year, because they weren't getting many visitors.

But then a woman named Vanessa Sanders, posted about the lights display on a Lauren's County Facebook page and it was shared over 600 times.

That's when Mr. Colson says he began getting more visitors to his yard.

"Everybody should come out here and see it so we can keep this man's dream alive," says Sanders. "He touched me. He basically told us that he didn't have a childhood. He didn't have a Christmas."

Colson's family says they plan to continue putting up the lights for the community to enjoy.