For all of the Central Georgia sports fanatics, here's your chance to purchase an autographed Atlanta Hawks game ball and jerseys of two players.

Gabrielle Dawkins has more about how you can get what you want and also support a good cause.

"Since 1999, we've helped over 3,000 persons. Some was just really homeless, some was put out of their home. Some was on drugs, some came out of prison," says John Thomas.

Thomas, the CEO of the Community Outreach Service Center, says this nonprofit organization houses 10 adults and 8 children.

"We try to get them to that next stage right now. We try to help them get jobs, if possible," says Thomas. "It's amazing how they come in one way and go out another way."

But recently, Thomas says it's really a struggle to keep the doors open.

The organization plans to auction signed jerseys from Dominique Wilkins and Dwight Howard, an autographed game ball and quilts. The bid for each item starts at $100.

"We all need to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to try and get things together," says Thomas.

Ticket prices for that event is $40 for singles and $75 for couples.

For more information on how to purchase tickets, contact 478-922-3195 and Rev. John Thomas at 478-442-0141.