Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee says his deputy made a mistake Monday afternoon while trying to arrest a man at his home during a domestic dispute.

Massee says Jamel Jackson and his mother got into an argument at their apartment in the 49 West apartment complex.

He says Jackson hit his mother in the face, and she called 911. Massee says one deputy initially responded.

“When they are in their own home, some people are compliant, some are defiant,” Massee said.

That deputy tried to calm Jackson down until backup arrived. When the other deputies arrived, they tried to arrest Jackson and a scuffle broke out.

“They were trying to Tase him,” Massee said. "Your service weapon is on one side, the Taser is on the offhand side and… in the heat of the moment trying to make an arrest. I've got a deputy that made a mistake, and pulled the wrong tool. Rather than Tasing this individual, he did shoot him one time."

According to Massee, a single bullet hit Jackson in the arm. He says the deputies followed all the right protocol, but in the delivery, the deputy made an error.

“In the video you can clearly see where they called Taser like they are trained to do, giving notice that they are fixing to use a Taser,” Massee said.

Deputy Charles Gillis is the one who pulled the trigger.

Massee says he is on paid leave while the GBI investigates.

“Everybody here is extremely sorry,” Massee said. “We’re glad that it’s not any worse than it is, and were glad the mother isn’t hurt.”

Jackson is now being held in the Wilkinson County jail on domestic violence charges.