A Baldwin County woman hasn't been seen for six days and an investigator suspects it may be more than just a missing person case. Baldwin Sheriff's Office Capt. Brad King says 20-year-old Asia Macklin was last seen Saturday morning.

13WMAZ's Claire Davis spoke with Macklin's mother who says she's pleading for help.

Lakesha Hartry and her family gather in prayer in hopes of finding Macklin. “This is not in her behavior, not in her character, it's not who she is, it's not something that she does. So we are concerned that she may be in grave danger,” said Hartry.

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Captain Brad King says 20-year-old Asia Macklin was last seen Saturday morning. She's 4 foot 9 and weighs around 130 pounds. “Great distress because of our love and care for her and who she is and the important role she plays in our life,” said Hartry.

King says Macklin spoke with her boyfriend on the phone around 9:00 am and right after that her cell phone went off the grid. But King says investigators have interviewed Macklin's boyfriend, family members and friends. He says they all are genuinely concerned and cooperative. “When I tell you she's goal-oriented, she's very goal-oriented. She has been on the mayor's commission, she's been on the Delta gym, she's a member of Shiloh Baptist Church,” said Hartry.

Another reason King calls the case strange. “This right here is a very tragic, stressful, alerting situation. You know, I want people to be alert, not only looking out for her, but be aware of their own families,” said Hartry.

King says investigators are reviewing 30 days’ worth of phone records to find a pattern or unknown phone number. “It has the hair on the back of my neck standing up. I can't confirm anything other than a suspicion that this is truly a problem, but my instincts tell me that something about this is not just a 20-year-old that hit the road for a couple of days,” said King.

Macklin was last seen driving a dark blue Dodge Avenger with the tag CEE6447.

Anyone with information should call the Baldwin Sheriff's Office at 478-445-4893.