Baldwin County's superintendent says she will present a plan to the school board in January to put eight metal detectors in the county's middle and high schools.

Superintendent Noris Price replied to our questions about the metal detectors in an e-mail.

Price says the schools are safe and that the board requested they put together an expanded security plan that involves putting metal detectors in the county’s middle and high school.

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District staff is currently doing research on a plan that can be presented at January’s board meeting.

That research includes looking at metal detectors and possibly hiring private security companies to conduct random schoolwide searches.

Based on their research, Price says each metal detector has a cost of $3,000-$5,000 and they have determined they will need eight of them. She also adds they do have the funds to cover the costs.

Once the board hears their recommendations, a final decision regarding how the devices are implemented would be developed by district and school staff.