Nearly 22 acres with a price tag of $1.2 million could soon be purchased by the Baldwin County School district.

The state-owned land sits at the corner of highway 49 and west bypass. It's within about a mile of the school district's main campus.

Noris Price, school Superintendent, says the school board passed a resolution for the property at the December board meeting.

But some community members are not on board.

“Why is our school system, that operates on taxpayer money, paying an exorbitant amount for this land?” Milledgeville resident, Debbie Thompson asked.

Thompson says her biggest problem with the purchase is the cost.

“When you figure it up and divide it out, that's almost $60,000 an acre for land in Baldwin County. And I'm not saying there's not some land in Baldwin County that might not be worth that but for a school district to buy it, that's got what I think would be other priorities, I felt like that was a bit of a splurge," Thompson said.

Price says the board has not made a final decision as to what to use the land for, although they are considering a couple of options. One is to use it for an alternative school facility. Another option is to use the property as an expansion for the district's agricultural program.

But Thompson says she thinks that money could go towards increasing teacher salaries, or additional educational tutors.

She says the school district has other issues to address rather than a land purchase.

"Building a pretty new building is not going to change what's going on inside," Thompson said.

Price says the school district has not signed or submitted a contract at this time, but that they're considering the purchase.

She added that this sale is subject to survey, environmental investigation, resolution of any title issues, and the final approval of the school district's legal council.