Irwinton is hosting the third annual Banana Pudding State Championships and Festival, but it's not just the judges that get to have all the fun when it comes to the classic southern treat.

88-year-old Eloise Williams is the reigning Pudding Path champ from last season.

Her friend Beverly Clark cooks right alongside her.

"She began cooking at the age of eight, so she knows what she's doing, Beverly said.

During the Banana Pudding State Championships next weekend, think of the Pudding Path as the People's Choice Awards.

Charities come up with a batch of the southern treat and then hand out samples.

"On our Pudding Path last year, we had 282 people that bought $5 tickets, and for $5, you get a spoon and a napkin," Beverly explained.

Miss Eloise runs a tight ship.

She used to conjure this stuff up every Sunday for a family of 21 folks.

"The bowl-lickers have all grown up," Eloise said.

But her pudding traditions live on. In fact, she shared some secrets with us.

"If bananas are good and ripe, they make better pudding," Eloise explained.

And she's got a few more tricks, like half-and-half cream, some extra vanilla, and corn starch.

The crew of women plan to prepare seven pans of Eloise's award-winning pudding for this year.

Last April, they got a pretty good payday for their charity, Union Church.

"$700," Beverly exclaimed. "We are hoping for a second win."

So there are essentially two pudding competitions next Saturday -- the official contest where the winner will go on to compete in the Banana Pudding National Cooking Contest, and the Pudding Walk.

The website says for a $5 ticket, you will get to sample -- about a pound of pudding.