Fridays in May mean Suzanne Lawler is on the road with barbecue bosses.

Holy Smokes is at 402 Industrial Boulevard in Dublin.

They have a food truck that stays in the same space for lunch and dinner.

The owners Dionn and Gary Lanton say they're known for their ribs but they've also put their own spin on the cue by turning out pork quesadillas and tacos.

If you're a first time customer they'll give you one rib to try for free.

"We make our food with love, Dionn said. And 99 percent of the time once people try our ribs they're going to order them."

The couple met at church and have been married 13 years hence the name Holy Smokes.

Plus the Lanton's say their team has won 19 out of the last 60 barbecue competitions they've competed in.

"The whole business started because the barbecue team and it's what we love it's what we want to do and he didn't like what he did for a living and what better thing than to do what you love and you'll never have a job," Dionn explained.

The Holy Smokes team will compete next weekend in Thomaston to earn a state title barbeque team of the year.

They've also won barbeque pitmasters with national personality and Perry resident Myron Mixon.

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