You started chatting and Suzanne Lawler hit the road for another edition of Barbecue Bosses this week.

Lil Benny's Smokehouse is right off Riverside Drive and Wimbish road.

They're coming up on their second year in business.

Benny Burk always had a love for ribs and pulled pork, in fact he used to give it to friends and neighbors.

They urged him to open up a space and Lil Benny's came to life.

Although he says at first he and his wife Bernice were a little hesitant.

"We had no experience in the restaurant business except for when I worked at Krystal's during high school and college," Bernice recalled.

The sauce is Ketchup base there is a secret dry rub that coats the chicken and the sides have an unusual twist.

"I decided to smoke the potatoes and use a red potato instead of just boiling the potatoes and making a salad out of it, Benny explained. We wanted to give it some more unique flavor, it made it really different and unique. Sometimes people ask 'do you have meat in the potatoes?' I say no, it's actually the skin on the potatoes and sometimes there's a variation in texture there too."

Lil Benny's is located at 881 Wimbish Road and they're open seven days a week.