A couple in Forsyth has started up a new BBQ sauce business to help raise money for people with autism.

Nicole Butler went to see what inspired them to kickstart this new venture.

Jacob was was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

"It's been one of the biggest blessings and probably one of the greatest challenges of our lives," Steve Harbin, Jacob's dad says.

Harbin says his son inspired him to start up the Anchor of Hope Foundation to benefit people with developmental disabilities, and to kickstart a new business venture.

"1 in 6 children will have a developmental disability. That's huge! When you look at the percentages the need is so great but the resources are so thin," Harbin says.

Why BBQ sauce? Harbin says it's just a good investment.

"During tough times like even in the depression. Everybody bought liquor and BBQ sauce," Harbin laughs.

They've only been open for about four months, but already have thousands of dollars worth of sales. Harbin says that 40% of that will be going directly back into Anchor of Hope Foundation.

He wants to help disabled individuals become entrepreneurs by selling H&J sauces.

"And so it really helps them to not be relegated or stuck and just doing menial labor jobs. They can actually have a business. They can sell 1 bottle or a hundred, whatever they want to do," Harbin says.

Harbin's son, Jacob has a severe form of autism and communicates by using a letter board, so when his mom asked if he wants to be a part of this journey, he spelled out, "YES."

"My hope is that he will find his place in the community, he'll be able to give back, and he'll find that purpose and he'll have those relationships and that sense of community that he really wants," Debbie Harbin, Jacob's mother says.

The ambassador program for people with disabilities will be up and running within the year.

If you would like to order some of H&J's sauces to benefit the Anchor Foundation, visit hjsauces.com .