If you're in downtown Macon Thursday afternoon, you'll probably notice a lot of activity and some street closings.

Once again, Hollywood has come to town.

They're filming a movie called "The Best of Enemies," starring actress Taraji P. Henson.

Hundreds of extras will march down Poplar Street for a protest scene in the film.

Crews are expected to be out until 2 a.m. Friday.

Georgia is attracting films to the area because of the entire production package –- incentives, accessibility, crew base, infrastructure and more bringing in $7.2 billion during the 2016 fiscal year.

"Best of Enemies" is about an African American social activist played by Taraji P. Henson who clashes with a KKK member while fighting for injustices. The pair eventually finds out that they have more in common than they think.

Taraji P. Henson entertained as Empire's Cookie Lyon.