In just a few weeks, parts of Macon's Poplar Street will transform into the site of a desegregation movement in the 1970s.

“They work together with other community folks to come together and actually create a nonviolent successful program for Raleigh Durham,” says the location manager Norm Bielowicc.

Best of Enemies, a movie starring Taraji P. Henson, is filming for two days in June.

Bielowicc says Henson will play an advocate for school desegregation in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“It's very believable that we're in 1970 here,” says Bielowicc.

He says they chose parts of downtown Macon because of the historic structures that he says makes it the perfect place for this civil rights drama.

“You still have a lot of buildings that have historical importance to them. It looks right,” says Bielowicc.

Bielowicc says the Bibb County Government Center will become Raleigh Durham’s City Hall.

“The way it looks out over the city. Our director just loved the way he could establish a community and a town from the exterior of this building,” says Bielowicc.

Although they are only planning on two days of filming right now, Macon Film Commissioner Terrell Sandefur, says he thinks they will be back.

“A big scene [that] they want to shoot it here, but they have said they'll come back and shoot it later,” says Sandefur.

If you are interested in auditioning to be an extra, Sandefur says to stay up to date with their Facebook. Here is a link to that page.


In about three weeks, Bibb County's government center will become Raleigh, North Carolina's city hall.

The county commission gave permission Tuesday for filmmakers to use Poplar Street to film ‘Best of Enemies’ -- a historical drama about the civil rights struggle in Raleigh.

The cast includes Taraji Henson, one of the stars of Hidden Figures and the TV series Empire.

It happens on June 8 and June 9 when filmmakers will stage a parade complete with marching bands, veterans, Boy Scouts, and more.