Bibb commissioners approved a change that could help improve cell phone service inside the Macon Coliseum.

The county approved installing several new antennas inside of the Centreplex to provide a stronger wireless signal.

The coliseums general manager, David Aiello, says they created a sponsorship with Quantum Wireless to get the antennas for free.

Aiello says they hope this will make it easier for people to use their phones at larger events.

“Everybody wants to be on their phone 24-7, so it just gives people that ability and you know it happens everywhere you go to a Falcons game. You have 25,000 people it’s going to jam up the signal for cellphones, so this is just another avenue to increase the customer happiness and increase another service that we can provide to them,” says Aiello.

Aiello says the antennas will be installed within the next month.