A Bibb charter school official at Cirrus Academy is accused of sending threatening text messages to other employees, according to a Bibb incident report.

The report says two deputies were sent to the school at 1870 Pio Nono Avenue on Tuesday.

They spoke with Superintendent Ashanti Johnson, the school’s principal Gail Fowler and a fourth grade teacher.

Johnson said the official had sent multiple texts through anonymous numbers to several teachers at the school, and that it had been happening for about two months.

Fowler said the official coerced three students into lying about another teacher to get her fired, and that she threatened to report her to the board if she reported the texts.

The fourth grade teacher said the official sent texts saying she would tell others that she was sleeping with one of the board members.

She also told the deputies that there had been several times where the official conducted herself unprofessionally and left harassing notes under the classroom door.

Johnson said the board was notified of the misconduct and said it was within the best interest of the school to handle it through the board, declining to prosecute at the time.