It could be a while until Macon's Jeffersonville Road sees any updates.

This comes after Mayor Robert Reichert told commissioners that they ran into utility issues that would cost more than $2 million to fix, and he says he does not know where they’ll get the funding from.

Marion Ray says she has lived off of Jeffersonville Road for 82 years.

“We have been waiting and waiting for 20 years,” said Ray.

Ray says in the 90's, the county made promises to fix Jeffersonville Road.

“I was happy because I have hopes of this area being expanded and maybe some businesses to get through here instead of houses,” said Ray.

But she says barely any work has been done since then.

“They put it off and then the next time we'd hear anything they kept saying a little bit every now and then about it’s been pushed back or they’re going to do it or whatever,” said Ray.

Now, Ray says she is frustrated to learn the county may not be able to find funding to complete the project.

“Well it’s been going on 20 years. I doubt I’ll live to see it,” said Ray.

Reichert says he wants to see it finished, but he says they ran into a few bumps in the road -- like finding out they have to move a transmission line.

Reichert says the Georgia Department of Transportation told them that in their agreement it says the county has to pay for all utility expenses.

“We're supposed to be paying for utility relocation cost and the cost went from $400,000 to $2.7 million. We’ve asked for help and thus far we're getting rebuffed for everything,” said Reichert.

Reichert says their only option is to pull from 2017 SPLOST road funds, but he says that is all allocated to other projects.

Ray says this is a project that deserves to be a top priority.

“I think it would help this area through here if they developed the road,” says Ray.

Kimberly Larson with GDOT says they will reimburse the county $9 million for preliminary engineering and right of way cost.

She says there is also a commitment to reimburse the county for $15 million of construction costs.