The issue of whether or not alcohol should be allowed in Rosa Parks Square came back up at Tuesday's commission meeting.

However, this time Mayor Robert Reichert presented the commission with what he describes as a compromise.

Reichert introduced a resolution that would create a green space on Poplar Street from First to Second Street and make alcohol prohibited in Rosa Parks Square.

Reichert says that way those who want to hold events with alcohol could do that just around the corner on Poplar Street.

“I need you to buy into this. I need you to send a positive message to this community. and let’s move on. Let’s don’t bog down. Don’t bog down on this. Let’s move on,” said Reichert.

But the facilities and engineering committee did not approve Reichert’s resolution.

Commissioner Mallory Jones is on the committee and says he believes Rosa Parks stands for liberty and freedom, and he says not allowing alcohol would go against that.

“I just don't see the need to restrict activities in the name of liberty and freedom for this park,” said Jones.

Reichert says he believes this issue will come up again at next week's meeting when the fifth member of the committee, Commissioner Schlesinger, is back in town.